With This Ring offers couples an      alternative to the expensive traditional  wedding and the boring  justice of          peace.  Now, you can have the perfect   wedding without breaking the bank. 
  If you desire a small intimate atmosphere, without the stress and headache of all the  details that go   into preparing the perfect 
ceremony, then With This Ring is the perfect choice for you.
          We  Welcome  You, 
     May all who enter as guests, 
          leave as  Friends,  
              PLEASE   NOTE!
           All ceremonies start on time.  Please arrive 15 min. early to prepare for your service.  
     Please remember to bring your  official marriage license documents from City Hall Room 413. 
           No service can be    
    performed without proper documents.  
  We Perform Christian Ceremonies  
                 We also offer Civil Ceremonies Upon Request
There is no standing room, so please be specific when inviting quest.  NO ONE  will be allowed after you reached your maxium number of quest.